Sharpe Industries Inc. is the brainchild of Real Estate Agent and Founder, Kevin Sharpe.  Kevin began investing in real estate back in 2007 and successfully built a significant portfolio of student rental and multi-family properties.

Seeing a growing need for multi-family properties in the Ottawa market, Kevin established his first development company in 2016 and began developing Secondary Dwelling Units. These properties were highly prized for their modern urban designs and strong returns.

As demand grew, Sharpe Industries Inc. was formed with the sole purpose of meeting the demands of both investors and owner-occupiers looking for new build multi-family properties in the Toronto and Ottawa areas.

Over the past 3 years, Sharpe Industries Inc. has grown significantly and now manages a number of project streams in both the Ottawa and Toronto markets with an eye to expanding further in the future.

At Sharpe Industries Inc. we take great pride in our knowledge of the Ottawa and Toronto real estate markets and the overall construction process.  We look to build on the relationships we develop with our buyers to assist in making their dreams become realities.

What We Offer

Multi-family new build construction, specifically, triplex, fourplex and 5+ commercial multifamily options.
For the investor – above average cap rates in the Ottawa and Toronto markets.
For the owner-occupier – ability to reduce monthly expenses while living in a downtown urban environment.
Real Estate investment training and coaching in a personalized atmosphere.
Financial and planning assistance.
Rental and property management assistance.

Why Purchase With Us


We have over 13 years of experience buying, selling, and investing in some of Ontario’s best markets, including Windsor, Ottawa and Toronto. With a strong understanding of the needs of both landlords and tenants, purchasers can be assured of superior rents and thus returns on their investment(s). Our building and construction teams have decades of experience and knowledge in the residential construction field.

Customizable build options

Whether purely for investment purposes or for owner-occupiers, our builds can be customized to suit your desired need.

Pride of workmanship

We care about each and every build we do. We work hard to ensure that our builds meet and even exceed Governmental standards. Sharpe Industries is one of a few companies among Ontario's builders that meets Tarion's stringent criteria for outstanding customer service and superior construction quality.

Climate Action

We are one of the few builders to receive our Net Zero Builder and Renovator designations. Net Zero homes are up to 80% more energy efficient than typical new homes and use renewable energy systems to produce the remaining energy they need. Every part of the house works together to provide exceptional energy performance and the ultimate in comfort – a home at the forefront of sustainability.

First access to available builds

We notify all our buyers of upcoming builds and offer first purchase rights, prior to taking our products to market.

Superior customer service

Our relationships extend well beyond closing. We are available to assist our buyers from the beginning to the end. Whenever they need assistance - we are here to help.

A belief that honesty and integrity is key to every customer relationship

We know that trust is not earned easily these days as people are becoming warier of the businesses they choose to interact with. We know that companies that live and breathe their values are the ones clients are willing to invest with. We truly believe it is much better to keep a client than try and find another.

Where We Build

Sharpe Industries Inc. currently has numerous projects underway in both Ottawa and Toronto.
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